Thursday, January 23, 2020

Disarming the Cops

I frankly don’t understand the thinking of the fools who want to DISARM themselves, AND the cops, in order to “stop gun crime.” It is counterproductive to those of us with the ability to THINK logically. If someone comes at you with a gun, you CANNOT defend yourself with an empty hand. That is a fact that anti-gun fools just can’t seem to figure out. So, five years after 20 people were killed or injured in Santa Barbara, the Student Government at UC California is considering BANNING armed police on campus. UNBELIEVABLE in it’s stupidity! It wasn’t a cop who did the killing in Santa Barbara five years ago. It was the cops who STOPPED it when they FINALLY got there. But they still want to disarm the cops on campus. Are they taking stupid pills, or what? The absolute BEST way to stop a campus shooting is with ARMED people on campus. People who are THERE when the shooting begins—not those who are MINUTES away. That gunman can kill many people in those minutes, probably some of them unarmed cops. An unarmed cop is a USELESS cop when an armed man comes to kill people. I just don’t know what they’re thinking—if they’re thinking, at all. (Campus Reform)

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