Monday, January 27, 2020

Gun-Grabbers Hate It

Great Britain has some of the stiffest anti-gun laws going outside of pure dictatorships, which ban guns totally, except for “government agents” of one sort or another. Yet guns are still “pouring into the UK,” in spite of all of their laws. Just as they do in communist China, which is one of those dictatorships. At the same time, in places where concealed carry is allowed in the United States, crime is DOWN. Especially “gun crime.” The anti-gun fools ignore such things because they do not push forward their faulty agenda. They say that, “If we can just get all guns off the streets, we can reduce crime,” which ignores the fact that we have already done that by allowing more and more law-abiding citizens to be armed for self defense, assuring that more and more illegally-armed criminals will be killed or caught, after their hospital stay from being shot by their intended victims. This definitely reduces “gun crime,” one criminal at a time. In the UK, they’re working hard to stem the influx of illicit guns into their country, stiff anti-gun laws notwithstanding. At the same time, KNIFE crime is increasing, along with “gun crime.” Proving again what I have long said, that if they can’t get guns, criminals will just use something else with which to commit their crimes. But they will keep committing their crimes. (Truth About Guns)

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