Friday, January 3, 2020

Police Ignore Danger

They do that on a regular basis. They take any excuse to avoid investigation when a potential mass killer gives advance evidence of his probable anti-social actions that may lead to a mass shooting. In one case a man who gave evidence he, as a Muslim, hated America and thought Americans should be killed, then went out and killed a few on a military base where he had previously been employed as a “counselor.” In this case, the shooter’s own mother “OUTED” him to the cops because she was worried when he bought an “assault-style” rifle. She was worried that he had bought that rifle because she knew him to be a vocal white supremacist, and not too stable in his thinking. Turns out she was absolutely right in HER thinking. It must have taken a lot out of her to do what she did, and be ignored by those who should know better. She didn’t give her name, or the name of her son, and the cops didn’t bother to ask. Neither did they bother to spend one minute investigating. That’s just lazy police “work.” They should have at least investigated. Maybe they would have uncovered something that would have allowed them to stop him before he committed his outrage. It’s time the cops took some time investigating people who gave “signals” they might be a danger so they can at least be monitored. Just being legally able to buy a gun is no reason for the cops to ignore a clear warning. (Daily Mail)

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