Thursday, January 23, 2020

Gun Laws Are Misguided

They don’t stop criminals and other law breakers from getting guns. They never have, in spite of the fact that misguided politicians rush to make more of them every time some fool misuses a gun. Every law against gun ownership for law-abiding people ASSUMES that the law-abiding are the problem in “gun crime.” They are NOT. It is the CRIMINALS who are the problem, and no amount of anti-gun laws are going to stop them from their “gun crime.” If they are contemplating a much more serious crime like robbery or even a mass shooting, why in HELL would they give a moment’s worry over breaking a silly little law that say they can’t be armed when committing their other crimes? As long as those laws are based on “getting rid of guns,” they will FAIL to “reduce gun crime.” The anti-gun fools have to know that, but they ignore it, in their quest to disarm ALL Americans, for whatever reason. If they ever came up with a law (doubtful) that actually WOULD reduce gun crime without disarming the law-abiding, I’d be right there with them. Buy it ain’t agonna happen, because there AREN’T any laws that would do that. (Informed Conservative)

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