Friday, October 6, 2017

Watts Ends Political Run

The mouthpiece for "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that) spent the summer considering a run for the senate. She even moved to Boulder, CO so she could run for the seat to be vacated by Jaren Polis, who plans to run for governor, and score an easy victory over no incumbent opponent. She says she decided her efforts to subvert the Second Amendment to the Constitution were more important. But I suspect that, more important was a certain inability to raise enough money and support in Colorado to get the job done. But anti-gun fools everywhere should not worry. Another anti-gun fool, Ken Toltz, is running for that seat, and will probably win, since Dumocrats usually win in Colorado. Almost everything here is blue. One day I'm going to ask an anti-gun fool how they can justify making their life's work to subvert the Constitution that lays the boundaries for ALL our laws. Maybe they can give me a cogent answer--maybe not. (Breitbart)

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