Monday, October 9, 2017

Owners Making A Mistake

The team owners who can be seen linking arms with their players to diss the National Anthem against the wishes of their fans (customers) are making a big mistake, and it is costing them millions of dollars. Yes, if the players don't show up, there'll be no game, while if the fans don't show up, the game will go on--but at what cost? The liberal media says they're doing a good thing. But the lack of attendance by fans tell another story. If the players don't show up, I'm sure there is something in their contract that allows them to stop paying them. When they do, they WILL show up. It is ludicrous for the owners to bow to the wishes of the players, rather than that of the fans. That costs them bundles of money and the popularity of the game suffers. Maybe irreparably. And if that happens, the game suffers terribly. They don't want that to happen. I'm sure they are men of logic. But they need to REALIZE the logic or illogic of their actions. (KTLA 5)

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