Monday, October 9, 2017

McAuliffe Must be Mad

The court in Charleston, W VA, a close neighbor of the state of which he is governor, ruled AGAINST the prohibition to legal gun carriers bringing their guns onto some city property, anywhere (mostly). School property was excepted. That's pretty close to anti-gun Virginia. Does that show a trend in the area? Will other cases be similarly decided, and will some anti-gun laws be repealed? That'll sure make Terry mad. The City of Charleston has enforced these unconstitutional laws for the last four years while the issue made its way through the courts. Will they work to eliminate the effects of their illegal decisions? Probably not, unless the courts order them to do so. It really frosts me how so many politicians (and bureaucrats) can be so stupid as to make laws they have to know are unconstitutional if they are intelligent--and I don't think they are simpletons, although they make it look like they are. (AmmoLand)

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