Friday, October 6, 2017

"The Service Sucked"

That's what a group of Christians said about the "Bedlam Coffee Shop" in Seattle after the owner (who is gay) threw them out because he found their pamphlets "offensive." They had been quietly handing out literature opposing abortion (baby murder) outside, and he had found one of their pamphlets and didn't like it, so he threw them out. I only mention he was gay because it's militant gays who search diligently for Christians who refuse to do business with them to sue, so they can set them up to run them out of business. Will these people sue this bigot? Probably not, since they have said they do not want to "run him out of business, since he has good coffee, even if the service sucks." I disagree. What's "good for the goose should be good for the gander." Somebody ought to "sue him out of his socks." But that probably won't happen, because human beings don't sue people like this. They just shake their heads and walk away, unlike what liberals do. (American Action News)

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