Thursday, October 12, 2017

Today's Outrage

How many days has it been since a crazed fool shot and killed 58 people and injured almost 500 in Las Vegas? Now another crazed fool drove up on the sidewalk (again) in London and toppled a bunch of pedestrians like ten pins. What is going to be the new outrage tomorrow? In New York City, they broke up a terror plot to blow up a subway station. What's next? What the hell is it that, all of a sudden, since Columbine and the Twin Towers, has resulted in the creation of a "cottage industry" of killing as many people as you can, for either stupid reasons, or no reason at all? I'm almost afraid to turn on the TV each morning because I'm afraid to see what new outrage has been visited upon us by deranged fools. Anti-gun fools blame guns, even though these fools use many methods to kill people.

Trucks, cars, pressure cookers, bombs, grenades, even swords and knives. But it's not the TOOLS they use, it's the MINDSET of the fools who commit these outrages. It almost makes me want to close myself up in a room, lock the door, and never come out, except maybe to eat something. Somebody, somewhere, is coordinating all these attacks. This sort of thing is not something individuals from different walks of life come up with. The fools who commit these atrocities are weak-minded, and easily led. Like those people they caught in New York City wanting to blow up a subway station; three just out of their teens, and one a 37-year-old. Who do you think was LEADING this plot? We have to be better able to PREDICT such outrages so we can stop them BEFORE they kill a lot of people. (Just common sense)

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