Thursday, October 12, 2017

"Tax Breaks for the Rich"

The Dumocrat song is always, "a tax break for the rich" WHENEVER anybody talks about a tax cut. And why NOT? Why shouldn't "the rich" get more dollars out of ANY tax cut? They put so much more INTO the tax-creation activities. They create the JOBS that improve the lives of the middle class by their very activities to make more money for themselves. It is their creativity and achievement that have MADE them rich. And have, in the process, made OTHERS rich, and just well-to-do. They keep the "wheels of commerce" going. They are indispensable for that. Why Dumocrats (liberals) insist on PUNISHING their achievement when it does so much good for others is beyond me, except for the STUPIDITY that reveals on the part of the Dumocrats. They've been singing this song for as long as I can remember--and that's a LONG time--and it rings as false today as it always has to those of us who have the ability to think. (Just common sense)

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