Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Liberal Cheap Shots

I'm constantly seeing "cheap shots" aimed at Donald Trump. Shots based on IGNORANCE and no proof of anything bad. Just this morning, I saw one in a cartoon strip I will not identify because the artist does not deserve to be named. He said Trump had "given up on taking health care away from millions of people and is moving on to tax reduction." That displays an abysmal IGNORANCE. Those "millions" who would lose their insurance will only "lose" it because they OPTED OUT of the unnecessarily expensive insurance required by Obamacare, and the ridiculously high deductibles that make the "insurance" USELESS. If Obamacare is repealed, NOBODY will "lose" their insurance who doesn't WANT to lose it. That's a typical twisting of facts to advance a phony narrative that liberals are famous for. This is how they advance their phony narratives, and it sickens me how many CARTOONISTS join the fray. (Just common sense)

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