Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Just Gotta Criticize!

President Trump and VP Pence both came to Puerto Rico to see for themselves the damage, and the efforts to overcome it. They pledged to be "with them" however long or how much money it takes. And of course, the liberal media did not show the many interviews with the intelligent people who know how the world works who complimented our efforts. They showed the ONE interview with an ignorant man who CRITICIZED the fact that Trump took a week to get there. Damned fool; does he think PR is the only place we're helping? Or needed? And nary a word about the millions of dollars in men and equipment we sent, within HOURS of their disaster. Some fools just gotta criticize! Others are just ungrateful because they think what we do is their DUE. And some are just too lazy to do for themselves, and want others to do for them. Fortunately, they're in the minority. Then there are the "Trump haters" who will criticize ANYTHING Trump does. The REALLY stupid ones. I get really tired of listening to these fools grumble, and I wish they'd just SHUT UP. (Just common sense)

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