Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Incompetent Terrorists

Islamic terrorists in Kabul fired at least 40 rocket-powered grenades at "Mad Dog Mattis'" airplane HOURS after he had left the airport. The airplane was to be the target, but the munitions landed in an unoccupied part of the airport. Not one soul was injured. their "big attack" flopped in a major fashion and showed (again) they are incompetent. They're like the "crooks who couldn't shoot straight." If they had any brains at all, they'd have attacked while Mathis was on the ground at the airport--and maybe they could have actually HIT something. They think they're so fearsome, but really, they're the clowns of this war. I wonder if they are wearing big, floppy shoes and bright Day-Glo red wigs--and maybe a red ball for a nose. They're very funny, even without that. Their only "accomplishment" was to serve to induce our military and the Afghan military to stiffen our defenses so as to kill many more terrorists. (American Patriot Daily)

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