Friday, October 6, 2017

Punishing Achievement

It defies logic. The rich are the ACHIEVERS. They are the people who come up with the innovative ideas that cause economic activity, and that's what CREATES additional taxable income. They are the ones who create jobs by HIRING people to build the things their innovative ideas create; and the selling of those things creates even more economic activity, which, in turn, creates more taxable income. so why do they think it's a good thing to tax "the rich" at a higher rate than everybody else? Yes, there are some people who have become rich by bilking people out of their money and property. But those are in a tiny minority--and even they hire people and create jobs and commerce. So it is against logic to penalize the very people who create more taxable income by their very efforts to make more money. Liberals talk about "improving the economy," but their actions work to INHIBIT the economy. It defies logic. (Just common sense)

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