Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Here come the Russians. Again. And who is the amazingly intelligent (sic) politician who is alerting us to this? The same one who tried to push the old idea that the Russians were working with Trump to get him elected the first time, and failed, “Pencil Neck’ Adam Schiff(ty). They can’t come up with anything new so they recycle the old scams that didn’t work the first time. And, of course, they expect them to work this time. Of course, there’s just enough truth in this scam for it to be swallowed, hook and line, by all Dumocrats. Russia IS working to get Trump re-elected—and they’re working to help socialist Bernie “Wild-Hair” Sanders, too. But not working WITH either one (well, maybe Bernie). However, that doesn’t actually matter. What they’re really working for is to “sow the seeds of chaos” in our elections. That’s what they’ve always been working for, in ALL our elections. The communist Chinese have been doing it, too. And for the same reasons. They’re both jealous of our successes, using a system they not only hate, but just don’t understand, in the bargain. So they want us gone—or operating under their failed system, too. The N. Koreans are doing it, too. And many others, too numerous to count. (Just common sense)

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