Tuesday, December 31, 2019

"We're This Close"

That’s what the Dumocrats have been saying for almost three years. “We’re this close to proving President Trump is a criminal,” holding their index finger and thumb about one-eighth of an inch apart. But they never reveal any EVIDENCE of Trump’s “wrongdoing”… Because there isn’t any. I’d like to be able to interview some of those “committee chairmen” on live TV and ask them some pointed questions. Questions nobody seems ever to ask them although each one is on TV all the time telling their lies. Three of those I’d like to grill are Jerry Nadler, and “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff. The first thing I’d say to them is this: “You have spent almost three years ‘investigating’ President Trump, and you have come up with NOTHING. You keep saying, ‘We’re very close to uncovering proof of his wrongdoing,’ but you never tell us what that proof is. Because there IS none. It’s time you “put up or SHUT UP!” And stop coming up with new things to “investigate,” while spending millions of dollars of OUR money to do so. If Donald Trump were a private citizen, not a “public figure,” you would be liable to being sued for slander, and end up paying a big “award.” That’s if we could keep it out of a “liberal court.” If we got an honest judge, you’d be soup. You’ve ruined many people, financially and otherwise. And the only things you’ve come up with are some things your victims might have done, that have nothing to do with President Trump. It’s time you ended your “coup attempt” and went back to governing. If you’re capable of that. (Just common sense)

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