Tuesday, December 31, 2019

She Shot Her Husband

Advice for angry husbands: When you set out to strangle your wife to death, make sure she doesn’t have a gun. The husband in this story didn’t do that, and now he’s dead, instead of her. Ian Mastin thought he had the right to beat and choke his wife, and had done it many times. Although she had not complained before, she had ample evidence of his brutality, and she definitely feared he would finally kill her this time. So she probably won’t be charged in his death, since in Louisiana, you are entitled to kill in self defense if you fear your life is at risk. This is the big reason we need the Second Amendment. For self defense. Without it, this woman would be dead, and MAYBE her husband would be in prison. Thanks to he Second Amendment, the husband is dead, and she will probably not be charged with anything. If the anti-gun fools had their way, this woman would be dead. (The Hayride)

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