Monday, December 30, 2019

"Once More Into the Breach!"

Well, the Mueller fiasco didn’t work, so  the Dumocrats went after Grand Jury testimony. Something that is ILLEGAL to reveal. But House Dumocrats don’t care about that. Illegal or not, they want it. And they’ll go to court to get it. Of course, they’ll go to a liberal court to do it, where the liberal judge will rule in their favor, no matter want the legality is. It’s how they operate. If they can’t get something done legislatively, they go to a liberal court. That’s why we can confidently expect a liberal court, somewhere, to “rule” against ANYTHING President Trump tries to do, even if he has the legal right to do it. But that’s changing. President Trump has made hundreds of court appointments, outside of his Supreme Court appointments, and those appointments will soon make honest judges outnumber liberal judges, who are NOT honest. They “rule” in favor of the liberal position, no matter what the law, or the Constitution says. There needs to be a way to rid ourselves of these judges when they clearly rule AGAINST the Constitution or legislated law. These endless “investigations” are beginning to look like a joke, with Nadler and Schiff looking like Laurel and Hardy. (Legal Insurrection)

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