Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Obama is a FOOL

Or he’s the “worst con man alive” and is doing everything he can to ruin this economy so he can make this country into “Socialist America” with himself at its head. Everything he does carries us further toward the “Fiscal Cliff” so he can claim that "the free market doesn’t work, let’s try socialism" (He doesn’t tell you that socialism has NEVER worked, anywhere it has been tried, and it has been tried many times). Of course, he won’t put it that way: he’ll just talk about “sharing the wealth” (that some people EARN with people who DON’T earn). He’ll talk about “taxing the rich" (who are the people who make this economy work, making all the profits that are the LUBRICANT that keeps the “wheels of progress" moving, and who create ALL the jobs that create new wealth). He says you can “tax and spend” our way to success (when you can’t, and he KNOWS that). He KNOWS you can’t raise taxes in a recession and hope to improve the economy (he has SAID so) but he does it, anyway. He tells us (lyingly) that the “recession is over” and when we offer a solution he doesn’t like he accuses us of “extending the recession" while it is HIS policies that do). He is one of the biggest impediments to economic progress there is, and we will be well rid of him if it ever happens. He'll work just as hard to keep it from happening. (Just common sense)

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